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General School FAQs

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Can students successfully transfer to the Middle School if they have not attended a Jewish day school before?

    Yes. Students have successfully transferred to our Middle School without a prior Jewish day school education. A transition program and resources are available to help these students make a successful adjustment to Beth Tfiloh.
  • Q. How do you handle welcoming and acclimating students who enter in Middle School?

    A variety of programs are scheduled to help introduce new students to faculty, staff and classmates and ensure a smooth transition for our incoming Middle School students. These include an Orientation Program and Welcoming Event, a buddy system, meetings with faculty advisors, and social activities.
  • Q. How much emphasis do you place on computer literacy in Middle School?

    Computers are built into SmartDesks in the 5th grade level.  We have issued laptops to each student in the 6th grade. 7th grade students have access to laptop carts. Our 8th grade students have their own laptops that were purchased when entering into the Beth Tfiloh middle school.
  • Q. How does the Middle School address adolescent issues?

    Jewish values focus on personal responsibility, and Beth Tfiloh takes an aggressive approach to addressing these issues. Our full-time Social Worker works closely with these emerging teenagers and parents to prevent and address problems. We offer comprehensive, year-round education for students, parents, and families that address important adolescent issues such as eating disorders, Internet safety, stress, substance abuse, bullying and social exclusion. (Many of these programs are open to the community.) Through workshops, lectures, and discussions, Beth Tfiloh advisors maintain an ongoing dialogue with our Middle School students and their families and foster positive peer relationships. Beth Tfiloh's Policy on Bullying
  • Q. How much homework will my child receive each night?

    Homework varies by grade and time of year.  On average, students spend about an hour/night plus time studying or working on long-term projects. Remember that each child is different and may spend more or less time on their homework.
  • Q. How is the Middle School configured?

    The Middle School's distinctive structure enables our faculty to support the developmental needs of our students. A "pod" system designates one floor of our facility for our 5th and 6th grades while our 7th and 8th grade classes are located on a separate floor. This structure enables us to provide activities and program specifically created for each grouping with their developmental needs in mind.
  • Q. How involved is the school in the monitoring of student life outside of BT?

    Our students are Beth Tfiloh students whether they are in the building or not and we want them to act appropriately. We do not monitor everything they do but if a student is not acting appropriately, the Administration may talk to the student and/or the family.
  • Q. What special and after-school activities are available?

    The Middle School is focused on experiential learning. Field trips make classroom learning come alive as students travel to Washington, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, and New York as well as to the Genessee Valley Outdoor Learning Center for an outdoor camping experience. These popular programs enhance learning while building community and social skills. Middle School students can also choose to participate in intramural and interscholastic team sports, performing arts programs as well as a full calendar of Shabbat and holiday programs. Our Middle School students take part in a wide range of social, community service, and cultural activities, as well as develop leadership skills through participation in the Middle School Student Government.
  • Q. How does the Middle School prepare students for High School?

    As an AIMS accredited school, Beth Tfiloh offers a rigorous academic program designed carefully to reflect the learning needs and styles of the Middle School student. Students emerge well prepared for academic success both in High School and beyond.

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Yehuda Oratz

    Rabbi Yehuda Oratz 

    Middle School Principal
  • Ms. Lizabeth Shrier 

    MS Dir. of Instruction/Gr. 8 Advisor/Dept. Chair
  • Mrs. Nikki Elgamil 

    MS Guidance Counselor
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