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Middle School


Middle School at Beth Tfiloh is a state of mind that embraces the special energy unique to emerging adolescents. The curriculum is full of opportunities for students to grow socially and emotionally as they build their intellectual skills.

Beth Tfiloh Middle School

Faculty and staff devote countless hours and limitless amounts of energy to provide students the kind of support and understanding they need as they grow from new fifth graders to eighth graders preparing to enter High School. They work in our Middle School because they understand the impact they have on these young adolescents and welcome the chance to help them grow.

The BT Middle School experience incorporates several important elements:

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  • General Studies

    In creating a strong foundation for High School, the Middle School program emphasizes critical thinking, academic skill development, creativity, independence, and responsibility. An advisory team assigns a teacher-advisor to every student to address student concerns, to serve as a mentor, and to provide academic, social, and emotional guidance. In addition to the core curricular areas of English, social studies, mathematics, and science, Middle School students may explore modern languages, music, theater, dance, visual arts, and health and wellness.
  • Judaic Studies

    Building on the basic skills of Hebrew and Chumash (Bible) text study, Middle School students are introduced to Nevi’im (Prophets), Mishna and Talmud (rabbinic literature), and Israeli history and culture. Students who have no previous Jewish day school background attend a lateral entry program tailored to their skill level in Judaics Studies and Hebrew Language to help them integrate successfully into the Middle School.
  • Academic Support

    Special academic services are provided in the Middle School, under the direction of our Middle School Learning Specialist. The services range from an individualized educational curriculum in specific subjects with one on one instruction, to participation in an academic support program with group instruction. Accommodation plans are developed for both students receiving direct services as well as others requiring classroom modifications. Our Learning Specialist and resource teachers advocate for students and act as liaisons between teachers, students, and parents for all those receiving academic support.
  • Social & Emotional Development

    Social and emotional development is a core component of our school-wide program. In Middle School, the theme of “responsibility for self and others” is integrated into the students’ daily lives—through interactions with peers and teachers, in the hallways, classrooms, routines, and assemblies. “Responsibility for self” includes self-awareness, self-regulation, self-advocacy, and resilience. “Responsibility for others” includes kindness, derech eretz for children and adults, empathetic thinking, effective communication, and healthy conflict resolution.

    To this end, the Middle School Guidance Counselor:
    • Meets regularly with Principal and Assistant Principal to assess the progress and enable the growth of our students.
    • Consults with teachers on the following: strategizing to meet individual students’ needs (social, emotional, academic) both in and out of the classroom, and provides guidance on age-appropriate topics and issues.
    • Communicates with and advises parents on any social, emotional or behavioral concerns, and recommends outside clinical support when necessary. Provides opportunities for parent education.
    • Supports individual students’ unique needs, works with small groups of students to develop and use social skills and conflict resolution strategies, and meets with Middle School grades on age-appropriate topics.
    • Coordinates and facilitates Middle School programming that focuses on relevant issues such as anti-bullying and overall health and wellness that supports nurturing the whole child.
  • Technology Integration

    Computer proficiency is an important component of the Middle School curriculum. Beginning in fifth grade, students learn core technology skills by using computers in both General and Judaic Studies classes. The school has a full wireless network for Internet access. The goal of the computer program is for students to develop not only the proficiency in the skills they need for middle school work, but to ensure their ability to work with technology in High School.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities

    Seventh and eighth grades are years filled with bar and bat mitzvah celebrations as we honor every student with special recognition in school. Student Council, Middle School publications, theater, instrumental and vocal performing groups, robotics, and a full range of interscholastic athletics for boys and girls offer numerous opportunities for self-expression, teamwork, and leadership. A variety of service projects provide avenues for living the Jewish values of tzedakah (charity) and chesed (kindness) that our students learn in class. Learn more about Middle School extra-curricular options here.

Curriculum & Programs

The Middle School academic curriculum includes:
English Language and Literature Introduction to Talmud
Mathematics Tefilah (Prayer) Fluency and Understanding
American Government Character Education
World Cultures, Geography, and History Shabbat and Holidays
Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Sciences Foreign Languages
Hebrew Language Creative Arts
Torah Study with Primary Sources Physical Education

Special programs and leadership opportunities include:
Student Council Jewish Holiday Assemblies
Tikkun Olam Committee Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration
Writer-in-Residence Musical Production
Color War Yearbook
Shabbatonim & Shabbat Celebrations Newspaper
Weekly Community Building Jazz Band
Friday Assembly Overnight Outdoor Camping Adventure
Torah Reading Mentoring Class trips to Williamsburg, VIrginia; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, and New York

Middle School News

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Middle School Administration

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  • Photo of Yehuda Oratz

    Rabbi Yehuda Oratz 

    Middle School Principal
  • Ms. Lizabeth Shrier 

    MS Dir. of Instruction/Gr. 8 Advisor/Dept. Chair
  • Mrs. Nikki Elgamil 

    MS Guidance Counselor

Middle School Calendar

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