Condolences to Malcolm Renbaum

on the loss of his wife, and our member, ROSALIE RENBAUM; mother of Paul (Dafna) Renbaum, Jay (Shannah) Renbaum, and Lawrence (Adi) Renbaum; sister of the late Morris Silberman, Beatrice Cohen, and Jerome Silberman; grandmother of K'hatya (Yakov) Drori, Sarai (Yair) Goodman, Yakir Renbaum, Tahael (Yadidya) Harris, Adam and Lavi Renbaum of the State of Israel, Justine Koss-McCallum and Daniel Renbaum-Koss of Silver Spring, MD, and Jonah and Elana Renbaum of Bethesda, MD.
The funeral will be held on Thursday, May 4 at 12 pm at Sol Levinson & Bros. In mourning at 3413 Old Forest Rd., 21208, with services Thursday at 7:30 pm, Friday at 7:30 am, Sunday at 9 am  & 7:30 pm, Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 am and 7:30 pm, and Wednesday at 7:30 am.
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