Students Design Equipment for Experiments Using New STEM Center

By Steven H. '20
BT High School students are taking full advantage of the new STEM Center’s design software and manufacturing equipment for a more immersive learning experience.
Eleventh grade AP physics students designed capsules for an egg drop competition using the 3D software Fusion 360, then printed them on the new 3D printers. The students then dropped their contraptions from a height of 15 feet, demonstrating their knowledge of free fall motion. They were able to accurately predict how many falls each egg would survive: after one drop, all eggs remained intact; after subsequent falls, the eggs eventually broke, with the maximum number of drops being seven.

The Beth Tfiloh Rocketry Club launched and recovered three model rockets at their inaugural launch last week. In an exhilarating display, the rocketry club demonstrated the capabilities of the brand-new STEM Center with their 3D printed launch pad and carved deflector plate.

The Club Founders, Andrew B. ’20, Steven H. ‘20, and Ethan T. ’20, designed the launch pad using Fusion 360 and used Easel’s Inventables software to carve the deflector plate. Beth Tfiloh Director of Education Dr. Zipora Schorr joined more than 25 High School students for the inaugural rocket launch. "Despite the fact that it landed on the roof, the rocketry club had a blast!" said Steven H.
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