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Meet Terry and Mark Alpert

Meet Johannesburg natives and BT shul members Terry and Mark Alpert.
Johannesburg natives Terry and Mark Alpert met on a flight to Israel in their college days. “I was going on an Israel/Europe trip with my mom during one of my college vacations,” recalled Terry. Mark had just graduated from college and he was going on a year-long trip across Europe and America. After a year of long-distance communication, the two returned to Johannesburg and started dating. A year later, they married.

Terry and Mark immigrated to the U.S., first living in Connecticut for six years before settling in Baltimore 14 years ago. Since then, Terry, who holds a diploma in education, has been a beloved Beth Tfiloh PreSchool teacher; Mark, an electronics engineer by training, is a manager for a furniture company.

The Alperts joined Beth Tfiloh shortly after Terry started teaching at BT. “Joining a shul was very important for us — we have always been active shul members in Johannesburg and Connecticut,” Terry explained.

They sought a shul community that was similar to what they had in Johannesburg. “We liked the warm and family friendly atmosphere.” They also appreciated BT’s comprehensive array of programs and services for all ages, from the ladies’ Tehillim group and Mercaz programs, to hearing Hazzan Albrecht daven and Rabbi Wohlberg's Shabbat sermons.

The Alperts are a multigenerational BT family and have made BT — both shul and school — their second home. The whole family has celebrated many special moments here: auf-rufs for their son, Arryn ‘07, and daughter Daniela’s husband, Jonathan Levine; brit milahs for Daniela and Jonathan’s two sons; plus her own adult Bat Mitzvah program participation.

“We both love spending time with our families. Friday night is the highlight of our week, when we enjoy Shabbat dinner with our children and grandchildren,” noted Terry. The family meets up again on Shabbat morning at BT, where current BT PreSchool students Judah '33 and Frankie '35 happily participate in the kids’ Shabbat services.

Terry and Mark are already looking forward to hearing Rabbi Wohlberg’s sermons and Hazzan Albrecht and his choir on the High Holidays. But most of all, they are eagerly anticipating ushering in the new year with their family: “We love sitting in shul with our children on Shabbat and during the chagim, it is very special for us.”

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