Fourth Graders Build Business, Technical and Creative Skills

Students first read both fiction and non-fiction stories about business development and corporate social responsibility. Next, the students dreamed up their own business ideas and proceeded through the development process. Part of their planning addressed how their businesses would give back to their communities – either through offering free services or giving a charitable donation for each sale or certain amount of money made.

Along the way, the students learned about marketing and advertising strategies, graphic design and video production, and other technological skills vital to doing business. Mrs. Hochheimer taught the students Excel and helped them create a spreadsheet to see how much profit they can make from their business. In addition, they learned how to use Adobe Spark to create amazing logos.

This year’s proposed businesses include: bakeries for both human and pets, sports and recreation programs and merchandise, child care, pet care, art galleries, video game and book stores, modeling and acting training, games and toy stores, cosmetic artistry, party planning, tutoring, piano and ukulele lessons, a hotel, home improvement and landscaping, clock repair, security services, and video production.

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